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מרץ 23, 2017
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מרץ 24, 2017

In today’s really analytical advertising and marketing environment, is it definitely doable to location a price on customer joy? Nicely, sure. And that’s just what we’re likely to include in our impending webinar, “The Price of a Delighted Consumer: Action measures to a excellent customer experience.”

We’ll listen to from customer experience pro Christine Crandell, who will demonstrate why – and how – manufacturers will have to aim on developing optimistic customer experiences at each electronic touchpoint.

Katy Keim of Lithium will then share the effects of a new Harris Poll, that quantifies the price of a optimistic customer experience. In today’s sharing financial system, wherever clients can instantaneously amplify their experiences, savvy entrepreneurs know how – and wherever – to link with and develop a loyal customer base.

Sign up for us to study how to develop and retain loyal, happy clients – and supply optimistic effects to your bottom line.

Sign up right now for “The Price of a Delighted Consumer: Action measures to a excellent customer experience,” created by Electronic Advertising and marketing Depot and sponsored by Lithium.

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